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FAQs about YellowSEO

Why the name YellowSEO?
Because yellow is the color that stands out. We use the power of search engine optimization to highlight your website and stand out against your competitors.
What's the best way to choose an SEO company?
When deciding on an SEO company, it's important to :
1) make sure they are credible by checking recent references
2) make sure you fully understand what you are getting for your money.

Many SEO firms will not guarantee anything and in fact, will often tell you to be wary of any company that offers guarantees in this industry. We think that is ridiculous. In effect, they are saying, "We will take your money, promise nothing, and that's just the way the industry is." It's completely misleading and false. At YellowSEO, you know exactly what you are getting for the money you spend. We guarantee you receive an increase in targeted traffic to your website which has a better return on investment than Google Adwords. Plain and simple.
Why should I choose SEO over Google Adwords?
While Google's Adwords is often a very effective quick-fix solution, it does not address the need for a long-term online strategy and represents substantial unrecoverable costs. Paying for AdWords is like renting space from Google. It's great while you have it, but at the end of the month, you have to cut another check to keep it. And each month there is more competition which means that over time, the same advertising costs more, eventually pricing you out of the market.

In contrast, with SEO work, your money becomes more like an investment. You are building a substantial online presense which does not go away. As you develop more backlinks, it becomes easier to hold on to your piece of "virtual real estate" online against new competition. That's why SEO offers you an ownership stake in your business online. When you also consider that studies have proven consumers prefer natural listings to paid listings at an average ratio of 6:1, it's clear why SEO is a winning proposition for your business.
What makes YellowSEO more qualified than other SEO firms?
We have a background that really sets us apart from the rest of the SEO industry. In fact, we did not start as a SEO company at all. Our SEO technicians have spent over 4 years building search and indexing systems from scratch. This expertise gives us unparalleled insight into how to search engine algorithms work. After realizing the value of this knowledge for businesses in every industry, we moved on to start YellowSEO, where we have yet to fail at moving a client's rankings to the top.
How is YellowSEO different from other SEO firms?
Our senior search analysts have unique insight into how to search engine algorithms work which enables us to rank our clients better. That's why we can back our work with some of the strongest guarantees in the industry.

But, perhaps even more unique is our strong focus on long term relationships. We are often willing to invest in new relationships by offering our services for a reduced price to show you some of the immediate benefits of our services and recoup expenses from previously failed SEO partnerships or Adwords campaigns. This is because we understand the way businesses operate and the importance of finding real success for all our parties.
What size SEO company is right for me?
There are a wide variety of options when choosing an SEO service: They fall under the categories of large national companies, small specialized firms, and individual seos.

Usually, the larger the company, the greater the cost. Very often the large national companies are excellent are advertising and marketing, but lose a lot of the personal touch that smaller firms offer and can't provide higher quality SEO service to smaller clients. Individual SEO's are often the cheapest in cost, but don't have the benefit of having a team with different expertises, so they often lack the experience to do more than one type of work. They also don't have the reputation of a company behind them, so their guarantees really don't mean very much and as a result, their service can be hit or miss.

The best firms are usually the smaller, specialized firms like YellowSEO because we focus on quality over quantity. We offer a great deal of value for your services since you are not paying for a lot of marketing and advertising overhead. Our reputation is extremely important to us, so you know we will stand behind our work. Finally, we have the ability to provide excellent service because we handle a smaller volume of customers with greater care.
How much are your services? Do you charge by the hour?
No, unlike many SEO firms, we do not charge by the hour. We have standardized pricing which is based on search volume and the competitiveness of the terms you go for. We will be happy to provide a free quote and help you decide how our services might be a good fit for your business.
What am I getting for your services? How do I calculate my return-on-investment?
SEO is an intricate process that requires much skill and experience to execute effectively. Just as you trust an accountant to maintain your finances, you can trust us to deliver what we promise: high rankings for your top key terms. These rankings are akin to a marketing strategy that reaches your best potential customers out of the 400 million search engine users worldwide. We believe your investment in SEO is worthwhile and you will see returns in the form of conversions - be that direct online sales or leads for your sales team or indirect positive and trustworthy associations with your brand.
What is the difference between Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
Wikipedia Definition of Search engine optimization

Wikipedia Definition of Search Engine Marketing
What does Google think about SEO work?
In short, Google recommends getting an SEO involved early in the design process.

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