When is a good time to do SEO?

For many website owners, there is a logical process which most companies follow.

1) Build a website
2) Do a pay per click campaign
3) If it goes well pay more into pay per click, experiment with SEO
4) If it doesn’t go well, stop investing in the website.

However, after a website is built, the FIRST step should be determining what your conversion rate is. That means setting up a Google analytics account, getting the goal conversions setup, and MEASURING results from traffic generated from a PPC campaign. What most companies don’t realize is that the number one factor which determines success in a campaign is whether or not the website has the ability to convert. Without that, the money spent on generating traffic is very often wasted. If your site can convert 3-5% of targeted traffic, then there is a good chance you’ll make money from an SEO or Pay per click campaign. If not, then it is wiser to invest the money into improving the fundamentals of the website so that visitors find what they are looking for.

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    SEO in becoming increasingly important to the success of any business. One of the key focus should be on adding quality content. This will not only improve the value for your website visitors but will also have a significant impact on your website rank on search engines especially Google and Yahoo. There are no hidden secrets to SEO. It requires al ot of hard work and patience.

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