Rank checking tools blocked by Google

rank-checking-blocked-by-googleMost people don’t know the sordid history of automated query tools with Google.

WebPosition Gold and Google- The SAGA:

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By the way, it isn’t just web position gold.  It seems that every rank checking tool out there has been affected by this.  There’s a number of people who think it’s silly for Google to be blocking access to rank checkers.  But I’m pretty sure I know why they are doing it now.  Rank Checkers have a huge impact on “impressions” and skew the search data significantly.  As Google uses this data more and more, they have a strong motivation to make sure their impression data is more accurate for search results.

Now I didn’t realize the extent to how serious Google was about this until I started coding up a tool to do better rank checking and was very confused because code I wrote a few months ago started to break.  I thought Google changed the web page and they changed the web page.  But it wasn’t for everyone.  They changed it ONLY for wget.  Specifically, they removed the rank data from the link just for my wget requests.  EVIL.  I mimiced a real request and sure enough, the rank data came back in.  Pretty crazy stuff.

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    In our experience, you are not likely to get banned, but there is a good chance that your ip will be blocked from doing searches for a period of time. We’ve experienced this even without automated tools.

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