10 ways to improve your marketing content

good copy
Good copy is an essential part of any effective marketing campaign. High quality content can increase your sales and generate more customer leads. But when writing is exceptional, people bookmark your site and generate media buzz over your products and services. Literally overnight, cheap jerseys you can get hundreds or thousands of people to discover your company and want to learn more about what you do.

* Write unique differentiated content that no-one else can claim. It is all too easy for people to copy content online. Don’t make it easy by writing generic content. Examine every word and every sentence and ask yourself, “Is this something someone else can claim?” Make it easy for customers to see why you are different.

* Be concise. If a sentence does not need to be there, take it out. Every single sentence in your writing should have a purpose. A sentence can either be a “point”, a supporting sentence for a point, or a chain (something which connects a new thought)

* Clearly communicate how the customer will benefit from your product or services. Reinforce with strong objective points. Don’t talk about how great your company, product or service is. Talk about what it will do for the customer. Make sure that you cover the benefits from as many angles and perspectives as possible.

* Write conclusions near the top and support with additional information below. This style of writing is called a reverse pyramid. Most of us are taught to write in a style that is not effective online. People scan online and your job is deliver your message in as easy to read format as possible.

* Write in an active voice. Consider removing phrases such as “We shall” or “Let’s” or “I believe”. They are weak in impact and are much stronger when phrased differently with clauses such as, “9 out of 10 dentists … ”, “It is important that…”

* Spell check and grammar check your content. For many people catching a single typo can mean a losing a potential customer, especially if it is a home page. People associate bad spelling and grammar with unprofessional and lazy habits.

* Use easy to read language. Using words like “imperative”, “

* Don’t tell the reader what to do. Nothing is more annoying that reading something which commands you to do something.

* Bullets are an effective tool in content. They present content in an easily understood format.

* Make sure the points have a logical flow. Don’t make a reader say, “What is the writers point in what I’m reading.” or “Why am I reading this? What does this have to do with me?” Give the reader context before jumping to a completely new point.

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